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A Quick Intro to Ireland’s Leading Psychosocial Training Centre

In our rapidly changing world of work there is an ever increasing pressure to do more with less in a future which has growing uncertainty. These pressures are manifesting themselves in an increasing number of Psychosocial Hazards, in every type of workplace. Stress, bullying, harassment and deteriorating mental health evident among all levels of employees.

The good news is we can prevent these Psychosocial hazards affecting you.

We offer a complete range of services including: Online Health and Safety Training Courses, In Person and Online  Consultancy and Mediation and Environmental Health & Safety Software


At Beegan and Associates we provide a full range of Health and Safety and Psycho Social training  services.

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 Tom Beegan.

Tom Beegan and Associates are an internationally experienced team of senior executives with over a 40-year successful track record of achievement in gaining and sustaining safe, high quality and productive workplaces. We have become Trusted Advisors to SME’s, multi-national companies, government agencies and non-for-profit organizations.

Tom Beegan and Associates have unique European and Canadian senior management expertise which they bring to transforming the safety and productivity of organizations, their teams and individuals, to achieve excellence. Tom Beegan is an in-demand knowledge exchange expert speaker, a trusted advisor and a mediator for the C-suites of many Multi-National companies and National organisation’s.

Some of our notable achievements include the introduction into the Irish Health Service the first of the out-of-hours G.P. service, CareDoc, implementation of the Smoking Ban in Irish Workplaces, devised and implemented the Injury Prevention Strategy in Ontario which reduced lost time injuries by 30% in 3 years, implemented in Irish companies, safety plans that reduced their injury insurance claims to Zero. Mediated successfully and confidentially many complex workplace conflict cases.

Tom Beegan and Associates specializes in The H.A.B.I.T. Challenge© a behavioral based approach to creating a Safety Culture and preventing workplace Psychosocial Hazards. We investigate grievances, mediate conflicts to resolution, coach and mentor employees to ensure a successful, safe return to work occurs and is sustained. Our best in class eLearning courses and E.H.S. software has earned Tom Beegan and Associates the reputation among successful companies of a Trusted Advisor status who always delivers superior solutions that meets your expectations.

What Our Valued Clients Say

“Using the blended approach of on-line and face to face gave our employees the confidence to change their behaviours”

“Having access to their individual Training Plans gave employees control over the pace at which they learned new skills”

“Having access to an experienced and knowledgeable Coach/manager was vital in helping me move on with confidence”

“In terms of Value-for Money we are delighted with our return on investment”

“We have access to excellent learning by Doing Training, Coaching/Mentoring delivered in a shorter timeframe, with reduced costs, to more employees, with better results compared to more traditional approaches”.

“Our time training with Ton has helped open our eyes to how simple changes in attitudes and behaviour can make the workplace a more pleasant and productive place to be”.

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