Here is how to register and purchase courses:


Step 1.   Click on this link to take you to the program:

Step 2.   Select add to cart

Step 3.   If you are ready to begin the checkout process, select “view cart”. If you would like to further browse additional content available for purchase, select “continue shopping”

Step 4.   Once you are viewing your cart, you can enter the coupon code if you have one and select “apply code”. Once applied, or if you do not have a coupon code, you may select “checkout” to further complete your transaction.

Step 5.   Once you select “checkout”, you will be prompted to “sign in” or “Register” if you do not have an account already made.

Step 6.   If you have an account already made, simply “sign in” to complete your checkout. If you do not have an account, select “register”.

Step 7.   Complete all the required fields. Your required branch code is “beeganassociates”

Step 8.   Once your account is made, or you are signed in, simply complete the checkout process by inputting your personal information to complete the transaction.

Step 9.

Once the transaction has been successful, when you are signed into your account, you will see your course available for access within your account.