At TB&A we understand conflict in the workplace can be extremely disruptive to your business, if left unaddressed it can have a lasting negative impact and create a toxic atmosphere.

Conflict can arise for many reasons in the workplace, such as;

  • Personal differences where staff have problems working together
  • Dignity at work (bullying, harassment, sexual harassment)
  • Issues arising from a grievance or disciplinary procedure
  • Unintended misguided comment or a misunderstanding between colleagues
  • Potential industrial relations issues
  • The challenge of change for staff in a competitive environment

Mediation can prevent escalation to formal proceedings such  as the Workplace Relations Commission(WRC), Labour Court and Civil court. These formal procedures can prove costly and lengthy often resulting in negatively media/ social media publicity.

TB&A Mediation services assist disputing parties resolve their differences through confidential, open and honest discussion facilitated by one of our experienced mediation team.

TB&A Mediation services offer a confidential,  flexible service and create a non-adversarial  forum for the parties to have their side heard while creating opportunities for mutually agreed and lasting settlements.

Some of the benefits to Organisations of TB&A mediation service are:

  • Experienced facilitators with proven ability to be confidential, flexible, effective and efficient.
  • Provides an opportunity for staff to be heard and give their side of the conflict, in a neutral non-bias environment.
  • A voluntary non-confrontational process were the participants have control over the agreed outcome.
  • Adaptive to a varying range of different scenarios and sectors.
  • Assist protect your reputation and demonstrate your desire to be reasonable and fair to maintain excellent working relationships.
  • Help avoid costly litigation